How to Make Slot Machines Fun for Everyone!

There’s no doubt that you’ve heard about the popularity of slot machines, and how they are one of the most profitable types of games in social casinos. However, if you’re like me, then you may be wondering why slot machines seem to be so much more fun than other casino games, such as poker or blackjack. Is it because they’re simpler? Or maybe they offer faster gameplay? Well, We believe that these factors certainly contribute to slot machines’ popularity, but there are actually many other reasons why slot machines are so fun.

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Slot Machines – The Basics

Slot machines may seem intimidating, but with a little information, you can work up your nerve and become a pro. The first thing to know is that slot machines are like every other casino game—they’re fun! They also have rules and strategies that will help you win big. So, before heading out to your local casino or playing an online social casino game, here are some basics on slot machines.

Keep Players Engaged

Today’s slot machines are packed with features and graphics, but these elements can easily become gimmicks if they aren’t connected to solid gameplay. Slot machine games need engaging goals and a clear path towards achieving them. Look at Vegas casino slots – these provide players with challenging pay lines that require careful planning, strategy, and well-timed pulls of the lever or spin of a wheel in order to progress towards winning prizes.

Know When to Stop

In social casinos, it’s easy to get addicted and fall into a spiraling cycle of loss. How can you keep track of your spending and know when you should stop? Set a limit on how much money you want to spend during each visit. When your credit runs out, or you hit your limit, turn off your device and walk away. It’s as simple as that! You can always play another day, but only if you set yourself up with fail-safes today.

Let the Player Win

In social casino games, it’s important that players feel like they’re winning—even if they aren’t. It may sound counterintuitive, but allowing your players to win (or earn) some of their money back each time they play your slot machine is key in keeping them coming back. After all, winning is fun—and so is coming back!

Choose Your Slot Machine Style Wisely

Before you even begin designing your slot machine, it’s important to choose a style and theme that will be fun and exciting—but not too intimidating—for everyone. This can be especially important in game development since many people use social casino games as time killers while they’re at work or waiting in line somewhere. Since these games are usually played via a web browser or app, it’s crucial that they have a universal appeal.

Get Feedback from Players

To learn how you can make your slot machines better, talk to real-life casino players. These people are your perfect source of feedback because they play at casinos every day and know what it takes to keep gamblers happy and entertained. Find one or two players who’ve played a variety of different slot games and interview them about their experience with each machine. Ask questions like: Was there anything that confused you? What do you think was missing from a game? Why did you keep playing one over another?

Microtransactions, Gambling, and Rewards

Microtransactions have become a phenomenon in recent years, not just in mobile gaming but in console games as well. According to a report released by Super Data Research, microtransactions totaled $17 billion worldwide in 2016. As people realize they can monetize their mobile apps with these transactions, it’s likely that figure will continue to rise. But how do you make them fun? What are some good examples of game developers who use them effectively? How can you incorporate them into your own app? These are all questions we’ll be answering today.

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