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Most Addictive Puzzle Game

Are you bored of the same repetitive mobile games? Well, the remedy to this malady is Slashy. Slashy is a fun-filled power-packed mind-boggling puzzle game that will prove to be a taxing exercise for your brain. With more than 300 levels, the objective of this hyper-casual game is to burst the discs with the given slices. In addition to such mind-boggling levels, Slashy comprises plenty of astounding Props, which makes the game much more entertaining.

Slashy- Puzzle Game


Classic Solitaire Game

If you intend to learn something substantial from a mobile game, then Solitaire^ is the best game for you. Solitaire^ requires the user to place all his cards onto the four foundations in serial order(from Ace to the King) in minimum moves possible.It is a single player game where the user can compete with himself.We have Solitaire^, a game that tests your patience level to a great extent. The themes and designs of Solitaire^ are out of this world.Camel Motion’s Solitaire^ is like a breath of fresh air.

Camel Cash Casino

#1 Free to play virtual social casino game

Camel Cash Casino is the most innovative and splendid Vegas slots casino game. Grab a million coins as a welcome bonus and enjoy winning beyond your wildest imagination. Earn amazing Free Spins and Scatter Features to experience fantastic bonus rounds. Additionally, build your own village in Camel Arena and complete milestones in Cash Cards Album to win a whopping 5 billion coins. In this manner, Traveling through the magical land of the Casino becomes really fun. Keep Spinning!

OneTouch Scan
PDF Scanner

PDF Scanner & OCR

Say Adios to huge and ugly Xerox machines and get this ultra-fast scanner app for free now. This app will turn your device into a powerful portable scanner that helps you in scanning, editing, and sharing of the documents. This PDF Scanner saves your documents in PDF, JPEG, or TXT Format. Download this app and be more productive in your work.

QR Code Pro &
Barcode Scanner

Best Barcode & QR Code Reader

QR code scanner is the fastest digital scanner available. QR & Barcode Scanner is an essential QR reader for everyone and extremely easy to use. With  built-in Quick Scan, simply point the QR code scanner to the QR or barcode you want to scan and it will automatically start scanning. No need to take photos or adjust zoom as the barcode reader works automatically.


Camel Motion’s games are downloaded & loved by millions of pro-gamers. Check out what they have to say!

It’s a highly addictive game. I enjoyed it so much!!!


Love the characters and the fact that I can play for a long time without being nudged to make in-app purchases. Highly recommended!

Sophia Morgan

Great graphics, music, and multiple campaigns - what’s not to like?

Mia Rodriguez

No glitches and I can hop on to a match whenever I am free. The best online multiplayer game ever!


I am in awe of Camel Cash Casino. Being an avid social casino lover, I found this game a complete package. The fact that it has more than 40 slot machine games makes it much more remarkable than any other social casino game.

Claudio Silvera

Apart from the flamboyant slot machines, I really liked the Camel Arena feature. It's really fun to build your own village by collecting gems through raiding other villages.

Martha Harris

What a lovely game, this one. Camel Cash Casino has been a boon to me. I was so addicted to gambling – losing everything to it. Just because of Camel Cash Casino, I was able to play slot machine games without spending a single penny and my thirst for casino has also been quenched.

Georgio Casimiro

Managing Director
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