EMAIL Support Framework in Camel Motion Inc.

With skyrocketing competition,customer engagement and retention is the priority of every business owner or the organization.In this growing world of technology and digitalization , automation has played a significantly big role in customer support channels as well. The evolution of the BOT support and the readily available FAQs section in the website  has helped the customer a lot but still something is missing – a Human Touch and customization of the support. In this modern era of digital transformation, email still is the best suited option for providing customer support.

An effective Email support function is an important method of business communication that is fast, cheap, accessible and easily replicated. 

Camel Motion Inc launches a robust email support system for its customers. The aim of the company is to quickly address the concern of the customer and bring them world class service through this customized email support channel.


EMAIL Support Framework  in Camel Motion Inc.

In Camel Motion Inc.  We have a  trustworthy and well defined Email Support framework to assist our gamers for their reported issues in games and other Apps. We have a dedicated team to address the gamers query. This helps gamers to get the best solution to their reported issues.

A Two Way Communication :The email support is just not about reporting the issues and getting its solution, it is an open and conducive environment where even the user is welcomed to share feed-backs and suggestions.

Additionally the support team also gives tips and tricks to play the game and to explore its various features.The email support feature enables the gamer to describe the issue in detail along with screenshots wherever necessary.

24*7 Support : We aim to provide a seamless 24*7 support to the users in order to address their queries as and when raised via email.We have a  predefined TAT which is known to our users as well. This helps us mutually to get the best out of it. The User issue is well addressed and at times consulted at various levels and teams in order to get them the best solution.This does not limit our support as per the TAT but at times we provide upfront solutions depending upon the criticality of the reported issues.Such kind of issues usually relates to monetary transactions of the users.

A Safe and Secure Mode: We have various platforms where our users can communicate with our team for any kind of support like FB, Instagram, Linked etc, however we encourage to report issues using our support Email address. In this way the users information is safe and secured and they do not have to share the details on a public platform. This becomes important when they need to report certain information that requires confidentiality.Moreover the user always gets an advantage to describe the issue in detail and along with necessary attachments like – screenshot of the error, payment proof etc.

Ease of Accessibility with Personalization: With the pervasion of smartphones, most users have easy access to their emails at all times

Our Email support channel is easily traceable and also helps support team and the user to keep a historical track of the reported issue.Setting up the Email channel as a support system for our users has helped tremendously to take special and personalized care of our users.

Unlike a typical Voice support,the customers do not have to wait over the call, but can immediately report their issues and concerns via email that is received by us within no time.

We could have also adopted an automated channel like Chat BOT, FAQs in order to address the customers query but many times the customers get irritated by the canned and automated responses and look for a personalized and a human touch for addressing their need. This is where our Email support plays a pivotal role in assisting and guiding our customers.

Customer Relationship Life cycle:The customer life cycle typically begins with the downloading of the game and continues endlessly. It gives us a good opportunity to assist the customer in the best possible way to get him the world class customer service experience just not about a product but a long lasting relationship and bond that we mutually enter upon.The process of retention involves cultivating a relationship with our customers, responding to their queries on time, providing proper support, sending follow-up emails, etc

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