Camel Motion Launches Exciting Card Game – Solitaire^

After a successful stint with the social casino games, Camel Motion Inc. now brings a brand new casual game, viz., Solitaire^ for you all. Most of the time, people want to relax by taking their minds off the repetitiveness of work and studies. Coming to the rescue, casual games act as a breather for the people. They acquire the necessary energy to focus on their work by playing these games. 


Casual Games are quite simple games whose size is not more than 100 MB. Moreover, these kinds of games are not that aesthetically appealing. At the same time, these games have a huge number of levels that maintain the engagement level of the users. 

What is Solitaire?

Solitaire, or, Patience, or Klondike, is a tabletop card game in which the player has to arrange all the cards as per the rules of the game. It is a single-player game where the user can compete with himself. Basically, the player needs to arrange all the cards belonging to their respective suits in serial order, starting with the Aces, on the foundations. 

 Solitaire^ by Camel Motion

In a market where there are a lot of Solitaire games, Camel Motion’s Solitaire^ is way different and distinctive.         

How is Solitaire^ First of its Kind? 

  • Firstly, it has various themes and backgrounds that the user can apply as per his taste. 
  • Along with that, this game also has plenty of unique card covers that make it enjoyable to play. 
  • The user can switch the game sounds on and off as per his desire. 
  • Similarly, he can also set the time limit and moveset, if he wants to up the ante. 
  • Next, he may set the scoring to Standard Scoring, which lets him compete with himself. 
  • There is a Statistics Board where the player can track his progress because not even an inch of his tricks are amiss from the Statistics Board. 
  • If the player is stuck in the game and is unable to plan a move, he may refer to the Hint feature and move ahead in the game. 
  • He may undo his move as well. 

            The Draw 1 and Draw 3 in Solitaire

            Draw 1:- 

            Here, the user draws only 1 card from the Stockpile and makes his move. 

            Draw 3:-

This is for the adventurers. If someone feels that he has mastered Solitaire, he may try the Draw 3 feature to raise the level of difficulty. In Draw 3, three cards are drawn from the Stockpile, and the topmost card is dealt on the foundations and tableau cards. 

Get Familiar with Solitaire Jargon

For a basic understanding of Solitaire^, refer to the following figure. 

The player should place the cards from the Stock and the Tableau onto the four Foundations. For in-depth Solitaire knowledge, you may click here

Rules of the Solitaire

  1. The Stock cards are placed face-up in the trash. 
  2. Then, the player may place the top card of the trash pile onto the tableau or the foundations, as per his requirement. 
  3. Further, the top card of each tableau pile may also be dealt onto one or more tableau piles or the foundations. 
  4. These tableau cards can be arranged in alternating colors. 
  5. It is also possible to transfer a card sequence from one tableau column to the next. 
  6. A new tableau card, which can only be filled with a King, is created when a face-down tableau card is revealed. 
  7. Once the stock is depleted, it can be recycled from the trash heap. 
  8. You will win the game when all the cards are placed on the foundations. However, you will lose it when there are no more moves left.

The Standard Scoring of Solitaire

In Solitaire^, there is a Scoring pattern as the player plans his moves. Here, each sort of move has specific points associated with it. Refer to the Table below. 


Waste to Tableau

+5 Points

Waste to Foundation

+10 Points

Tableau to Foundation

+10 points

Turn over Tableau Card

+5 Points

Foundation to Tableau

-15 Points


All in all, Solitaire^ has manifold benefits. First and foremost, it increases the attention span or concentration power of an individual. Secondly, it acts as a sigh of relief from the daily monotony of life. Last but not the least, people from any age group can play this remarkable game and indulge in great exercise for the brain. Camel Motion Inc. once again has astounded everyone with such a cognitive masterpiece. 

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